We know, cheerleading can get pricey! But don’t worry; Dream has plenty of ways you can save. We never want cost to be the reason an athlete cannot cheer with us. So take a look and see what discount you’ll be using!

icon Discounts

Bring a Friend: Have a friend from school? Know a neighbor? Bring them to practice, hang out, and have fun! Get a $50 credit for each friend who joins our full year program!

Sibling Discount: If both you and your sibling cheer, one pays full price and the other pays 50% tuition.

Travel Discount: If you travel 50 miles or more to get to our gym, you receive 20% off of tuition!

Double Fulls/Standing Fulls: Have a double full or a standing full? You receive 50% off of tuition.

Eternity: If you make Eternity, you cheer tuition and competition fee free!