Andrea Needle

Andrea, a native of California, attended American University in Washington, DC where she earned a degree in psychology. Andrea's background is in dance - ballet, jazz and modern - and prior to moving to the east coast, she trained and performed with various dance companies in California, the Midwest, and Canada. Andrea founded Dream Allstars in 2005 (after her daughters fell in love with the sport) in an effort to create a cheerleading "family" that simultaneously promotes competitive excellence, growth as both an athlete and, perhaps more importantly, as a person, and to provide a home away from home for everyone who walks through the doors.

Kim Fitts

Kim does so much around the gym that it is hard to put into words, but chances are that she is not only the person that will help you with something having to do with the office or competition registration, but also coached your children at some point in their lives. Kim has over a decade of coaching - both high school and allstar cheer and is able to bring an ability to get the most out of her athletes, regardless of their skill level.  She is also current with her NICS and Montgomery County Public School background clearance and CPR certified.                                                          Coaching:                                               


Wonder (Youth 1)
Vivid (Junior 3)
Eclipse (Senior 1)
Radiance (Senior 2)

 Nightmare ( Parent Team)                                 


Jourdan Bloom

Jourdan began cheering at the age of six. From 2005 until her graduation from high school, Jourdan was trained exclusively by Dream Allstars, competing on all level teams in her 8 years with the organization. Upon her graduation from high school in 2013, Jourdan attended Oklahoma State University where she cheered on the small all-girl team her freshman year, and on the large coed team her sophomore year. During her freshman year, in addition to cheering with Oklahoma State, Jourdan was a member of Twist and Shout Obsession and went on to become a 2014 World Champion winning the Sr. Medium Coed division with her team. Jourdan returned to the area to attend the University of Maryland, where she served as captain of the all-girl cheerleading team. She is currently the Varsity cheer coach at Blair High School in Silver Spring, MD. Jourdan  has expertise in both allstar and collegiate/game day cheer, as well as in group and coed stunting. She has attended College Nationals with both OSU and UMD multiple times and is a two time All American. She also cheers on our Open Coed 6 team, Eternity. 

Jourdan is currently pursuing her MSW with a concentration in military family counseling. She has completed courses in Bullying, Hazing and Inappropriate Behaviors; Concussion in Sports; Sudden Cardiac Arrest; Heat Illness Prevention; and Fundamentals of Coaching; Coaching Cheer and Dance. She is CPR certified and has a background clearance. 

Jourdan focuses on jump technique, dance, routine cleaning and composition, flexibility, and flyer training. 

Wish (Mini 1)
Twilight (Youth 2)
Starfire (Senior 4)
Nightmare (Parent Team)



Marlo Bloom

Marlo cheered with Dream Allstars from 2004 until her graduation from high school in 2011. During that time she cheered on all level teams, including our Worlds team, and coached one of our most successful youth teams to countless victories. She also coached our special needs team and traveled to New York with them for an appearance on Good Morning, America. Upon graduation from high school, Marlo attended American University where she cheered all four years of college and competed at college nationals.
Marlo has spent the past five years in Boston pursuing her Doctorate of Psychology (her focus is working with youth with trauma histories). She is returning to the area  for her internship, the final step in her doctoral program. We are so excited to welcome Marlo back to gym where she will share her experience with our youngest athletes, guided by her extensive training in child development. 
Stardust (Tiny Novice)
Wish (Mini 1)


Nicole Casey

Nicole danced for 16 years. She has experience in Jazz, Tap, Poms and Hip Hop.  She coached competitive poms and hip hop for 5 year at Maryland Dance Energy, including a 2016-2017 Dance Worlds poms team. Nicole has coached all age divisions from mini to senior teams. Nicole is currently coaching Hypnotic (Sr. pom) and is current with her NSIC background check. 



Hypnotic - Sr. Pom


Sarah Casey

Sarah Casey has danced competitively for 6 years in multiple disciplines including poms, hip hop and jazz. In 2016 she competed with Maryland Dance Energy at the Dance Worlds in poms.  In addition to training and competing herself, Sarah coached younger competitive teams and is looking foward to bringing her experience to Dream! Sarah is currently coaching Hypnotic (Sr. Pom) and is current with her NSIC Background check.


Kimberly Fitts

Kimberly rejoins our program this year as a coach for Wonder, our Youth 1 team. Prior to this season, Kimberly coached our Tiny team and cheered with us on all level teams including our Worlds team, Eternity.  During her years as an athlete at Dream, she also devoted three of those years to helping coach our special needs team, Destiny. Kimberly is currently the Varsity cheer coach at Gaithersburg High School where she cheered on the Varsity team all four years and served as captain in her senior year. She has multiple National titles to her name and has experience in all stunting positions. 
Kimberly has completed courses in Bullying, Hazing and Inappropriate Behaviors; Concussion in Sports; Sudden Cardiac Arrest; Heat Illness Prevention; and Fundamentals of Coaching; Coaching Cheer and Dance. She is CPR certified. 
We are so excited to welcome Kimberly back for the 2020-21 season! 
Wonder (Youth 1) 
Eclipse (Senior 1)


Shelly Guy

Shelly began training at an early age, quickly rising to becoming a nationally ranked gymnast. Truly gifted, she has performed contortion, aerial silks, hand-balancing, stilt-walking, and juggling for a variety of professional circus and entertainment productions, as well as appearing on Broadway with Pippin The Musical, and with Cirque du Soleil's Premier of Kurios. For over a decade she has trained cheerleaders, gymnasts, dancers, and acrobats in both flexibility and tumbling, and brings a unique perspective and array of talents to the gym. She has also recently added photography to her every expanding skills.


Justin Hall

 Justin is entering his second year coaching with us and distinguished himself as our most dedicated and passionate rookie coach last season! He brings with him excellence in tumbling, stunting, and performing. He was captain of the Varsity cheer team in high school and has cheered on multiple teams with us  — including our Worlds teams — over his six years with us. Justin’s specialty is stunt technique and he is one of the most technically proficient backspots we have ever had in our program (though he can also base!). He is excellent at breaking down and teaching stunt technique and proper grips for all levels of stunts, from level 1 through level 6.  In addition to coaching, Justin cheers on our Open Coed 6 team while also working an additional job and pursuing a degree in business management.  He is CPR certified and background cleared. 

Twilight (Youth 2)
Radiance (Senior 2)

 Starfire (Senior 4)


Nikao Kerr

Nikao was a standout athlete in track, basketball, and arcobatics. As captain of his Arco-Airs team in college, he competed and performed all over the world. He soon began coaching tumbling up down the east coast. Expanding his skills to include coaching cheer, he quickly found himself working with various high schools, elite allstar programs, and numerous college programs, including The University of Maryland. Nikao is USASF certified for all levels of tumbling and stunting and he is current with his NICS background check clearance. He brings his leadership and motivational talent to athletes of all levels that he coaches.


Grace McGlynn

Grace spent 3 years on a recreational poms team and 4 years on Dream's own undefeated poms team! She is an alumina of the Damascus High School poms team and will now be lending her enormous talent as a new coach. Grace is currently coaching Illusion (Yth Pom). 


Carly Sanders

Carly's early love for tumbling made her a standout athlete in both cheer and diving. She soon found herself coaching diving in 2008 when she began coaching cheer exclusively. She has coached at all levels from Rec to High School and World's level allstar. Carly has NFHS certifications for concussions in sports, sportsmanship and the coaches education stunt progression. Carly has her National Safety Certification from AACCA, and has competed the UCA 5 star coaches program. Carly was also certified as an elite American cheerleader by UCA.  Since 2012 she has also been certified AAAI/ISMA personal fitness trainer, and was also a NPC (Nation Physique Competitor) athlete and has won numerous titles, including the East Coast Champion. She is USASF certified at all levels of stunting and has a unique talent for connecting with the inspiring athletes no matter their skill level. Carly is currently coaching  Vivid (Jr. 3) and is current with her NICS background check.   

Vivid (Junior 3)
Eternity (Open Co-ed 6)


Eric Thompson

Eric heads up our program and his dedication to hard work, mixed with heavy motivation and a fun personality, runs through all of our teams.  Following his time as a three sport athlete in high school, Eric discovered his love, and talent for Acro. Traveling the world in college to perform, a drive to coach soon came to the forefront. With over a decade of training many of the elite tumblers in the country, Eric has coached and trained athletes at the high school, allstar and college levels, including The University of Maryland and Towson University. He is USASF certified in tumbling and stunting at all levels and has the ability to inspire athletes to achieve skills they never even dreamed that they were capable of. Eric is currently coaching Eternity (Sr. coed 5) World's team and he is also current with his NICS background check clearance.